Welcome to my story page. Here you are going to learn a little bite about Baby Cody.
Well Cody was born in Glassboro, New Jersey on May 1986, He grow up with is Mom and Grandparent's. His Mom use to baby sit a lot of babies and children when he was growing up. When ever he would play with the girls in the neighborhood and they would play house he would always be one of the girls baby boy. When he was 12 he got cancer, he got sick and want thought a lot to get well. When December 1999 came along, Cody's Mom asked him how he would feel if we moved to Texas. Cody jump and said lets go, time to meet new people and get out of this state. Well they moved, Cody met his new step dad. When Cody was 13 he decided to go and live with his dad, When Cody get back to New Jersey, He did not make many friends, His dad owned his own company and put Cody right to work. Cody started to wet the bed, he didn't tell anybody, He act like a baby. Cody started to take diapers from anyone that he could. He got in trouble and got talked to and it stop for a while. When Cody was 16 he got a job at a store and started to buy diapers and hide them in his car, one day his step mom show him taken his diaper off, and boy was Cody in some trouble. He was grounded for a 1 year. When he turned 18 he moved to his grandparent's in Glassboro, He told them everything about his interest in acting like a baby.  They told him they where ok with it, One day when Cody got home from school, His grandparent's told him that they got some things for him at the store, There Cody found (new bottles, binkies, & diapers) he was told he had to due some research on baby clothes that would fit him. He found a site call FOREVERAKID. But then he was told he was moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cody knew that he had to stop the baby thing again and he become sad. So when he got to Tulsa, Oklahoma, He still wear a diaper to bed, but then his family got a house and he got his own room so he ordered some baby clothes from eBay. Then one day Cody wanted to no if there was anyone like him out there, So he did a search and found ABY and there Cody met a lot of people, become friends with them to. Then some of them kept asking him if he had a daddy and Cody said there is people out there that want a person like me to act like a baby and be there baby and they told him yes. Cody waited every day for his Mom, Step Dad, & Sister's go to work, he got on the computer and every day there was Daddies asking him to be his son and he told them no. Then one day a person name Yogi Bear asked him and Cody said okay I will give this a tried so he got his info and they talked on the phone and email, then one year he came to visit and I cried when he told me I could not go with him. Then we want back to chatting online and then he decided to give up on the baby thing. So Cody want back on the computer and at that time, Crying and wetting the diaper he had on some one popped up on yahoo and said hey there. Cody was scared to answer because he was just going to del everything and baby himself, well he decide to talk and he did and this person that came on said my name is Shaun and Cody said my name is Cody, Shaun asked him how he was doing and all and Cody mom called him for dinner so he had to go. Well they said there good byes. Then Cody want offline. Cody came back from dinner and Shaun popped on again and said hello there baby boy and Cody want am not a baby, Shaun said but your profile says you are , Cody told Shaun that he was going to give it up and Shaun asked why and Cody told him what was going on and Shaun said I will be your daddy and Cody stopped for a minute and said ok, That got one another's number, they talked every day and night, Shaun him got Cody anything he need as long as Shaun had the money to. Well 2.5 years want by and they both decide it was time to live with one another so Cody was going to move up there, but Cody got scared and pushed Shaun away and then Shaun said fine you wont come to me i will come to you and he did as of June 2010 Cody and his daddy been living together. As of Yogi Bear he and Cody are still friends in the ab world, real life.
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